Paul as your Insight Strategic Consultant

Paul has immense experience in consulting, training and coaching individuals and teams from various domains and industry. By dealing with people of all backgrounds, culture and expertise, Paul has developed the multifaceted skills of a polymath. He brings in clarity and structure to complex projects and simplifies them for execution. He is easy to collaborate and helps everyone in the team to get the momentum going. His experience and expertise as an online facilitator disrupts the barriers of distance, region and accessibility worldwide.

What is Insight Strategic Consulting?
Insights Strategic session is a one on one insightful service, which is focused on actions and end result. Any individual or professional who needs a to address on a core challenge, to achieve a short-term goal or looking for professional or personal transformation can receive insight strategy consulting. Gaining clarity on planning and action, inspiration to overcome stumbling bocks, shorten the learning curve, insightful advice and new idea generations for change and better results are the focal points of insight strategy consulting.

How we do it?/Our approach
This is an intensive process that focuses on working in one area and with one individual at a time. We do a stringent discussion and brainstorming to understand your challenge, end result and areas of consulting. Based on this, we will set a consulting plan, with flexible time for communication. We consider individuals who are dedicated to resolving an issue or meeting a goal. Since this is targeted at one person at a time, we consider limited slots every month. All the bookings are based on availability.

Who needs it?

When a person is faced with any of the following scenarios:

  • You have clarity on goals but don’t know how to achieve it
  • When you stop at your stumbling block and you don’t know the next course of action
  • Too many ideas and don’t know what to prioritize
  • You are in the ideation stage and lacks clarity and guidance for an effective workflow
  • You are faced with a dilemma and don’t know what decision to take
  • You are looking for a guide to help you accomplish your short term goals
  • You need an honest feedback and ideas for improvement on anything that you have created
  • You are experiencing sluggish business growth and you want to get into a fast lane
  • Finding it difficult to translate your business goals into do-able operational plans
  • When you want to reinvent your business or to find new opportunities in the adjacent areas of your business
  • When getting into new jobs or roles and responsibilities and the need to upgrade or acquire new skill sets to function effcetively
  • Improved and effective communication skills for better relationships at personal and professional life


  • Complete undivided attention from the consultant
  • Regular communication as mentioned in the plan
  • Accessibility to the consultant when you hit the dead-end during execution with an appointment (this is other than your regular scheduled sessions)
  • Execution discipline with result driven plan

How can we assure result?

  • Strategic intervention will help you prepare your mindset to work on  any problem or goal
  • A thorough study on the requirement and a stringent process to understand the delegate’s requirement will make it easier to work on an execution plan
  • The program is execution driven – It’s mostly streamlined action plan
  • Guidance on resources that can help you overcome most of the challenges
  • Since this is mostly on short-term goals, there will be clear plan laid out for every phase

Regular follow-ups along with motivation to overcome stumbling blocks will help you achieve results