Inspiring and actionable talks on talent development, motivation, peak performance, leadership, change, innovation, sales and collaborative growth

Won the best business speaker award 2012

From various industries and functions, which includes, Fortune 500s, MNCs, Government, Public Sectors & startups

‘The Law Of Attraction’, sold over a lakh copies of audio books; consolidated sales of 3,00,000 books, audio books and downloads

Consulted over 200+ SMEs, coached over 60+ corporate leaders & entrepreneurs and mentored over+ 80 professionals & startups

Founding partner for 6 successfully operational companies; Positive Revolution, Revolution Consulting, Revolution Ventures, Concepts Researched, Leaders United & Digital Deviants

Publisher & Editor of ‘Sales & Marketing’ magazine, India’s online DVD rental company ‘Friday Box Office’, production house ‘Backwaters Entertainment’ and many more

Operating a successful marketing agency in 21 regions with 400+ employees doing promotions, direct sales, advertising and training

University topper with 3 gold medals


PAUL’S story


Paul has a humble beginning. Being raised in obscurity, Paul had to rise above his shyness and fear towards public speaking. As an ardent reader and curious student from childhood, he read almost all the books and classics he could put his hands on. He excelled at studies and became a university topper. Even though life offered him a multitude of choice he ended up embracing something he detested the most- sales. Choosing sales as a professional choice was a turning point in his life. He went on to excel at arming himself with street-smart social skills in persuasion, presentation, negotiation and leading teams.


Entrepreneurial experience was not new to Paul, as he had started his first venture during his student years with a fellow mate. After having the corporate exposure, Paul started a Sales and Marketing firm. This is where he understood that attitude and motivation could play a major role in the performance of a team and ultimately the sales out put. He could literally measure the impact of motivation to keep up with the sales inventory. He realized early in his career that the work atmosphere makes the biggest impact on hiring and retaining any talent. Therefore he focused heavily on training his employees and emphasized on having a fun work culture during the 1990s even though the idea of work culture was still nascent to many Indian corporate.

Paul learned about leadership, teamwork, innovation and the importance of skill building from pure life experiences. He went on to improve his acumen by blending with his reading and research habits. The success in one business made him experiment on new entrepreneurial ideas and businesses. Even though he had his share of successes and failures; nothing could derail him from exploring the power of human potential for breaking any barriers. Paul always continued the discipline being a student in diverse fields and he knew that sharing knowledge would eventually amplify his understanding on the quests he has undertaken.
His success as a young man making it in the self-made world of business, gave him the opportunity to share his experiences in different speaking platforms. Meanwhile he began to get paid for his consultations and soon more business people approached him for his advice and guidance. This was a shift from being a doer to a teacher.


Speaking, training and leading diverse teams have characterized the past 20 years of his professional career track. He has tremendous passion as a Professional keynote Speaker, Business Strategist, Coach and Consultant. He travels across the globe to present workshops on management and motivational topics for numerous Fortune 500 firms as well as small and mid-sized companies, trade groups and associations.

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Paul believes in deriving lessons from experiences, rather than categorizing them as failures and successes. Having the exposure to diverse businesses and constant interactions with business leaders have given him a wealth of knowledge and insight that can transform individuals and organizations from good to great.
‘A smooth sea never makes a skillful sailor’. Likewise, Paul sees challenges and adversities as life’s offering to build skills, attain wisdom and the opportunity to re-invent oneself. He constantly challenges himself in exploring new dimensions of human potential and encourages others to unleash their full potential.

Paul’s entrepreneurial journey forward

Positive Revolution

Positive Revolution is dedicated to research and knowledge sharing. Publishing, training, consulting, coaching and developing innovative tools & technology for learning and development are some of the services that align with the organizational mission.

Concepts Researched

Concepts Researched is a data bank of researched topics that deals with management trends & concepts, evolving systems, real time case studies and breakthrough ideas.

Revolution Ventures

A revolution venture is an enterprise that’s focused on developing new ideas and businesses. Revolution ventures partner with new ideas and start ups to develop new businesses. Our growing E-varsity is a new venture aimed at revolutionizing education.

Revolution Consulting

Revolution Consulting helps individuals and organizations on management consulting & coaching at all leadership levels. Through our unique mentoring approach, we help Organizations of all degrees, irrespective of their experience, size and stature.

Leaders United

Leaders United is a network of leaders from diverse fields with a focus on providing continuous learning, development and growth through networking opportunities and events.

Digital Deviants

Digital deviants is a complete marketing and branding solution company that helps businesses and brands to gain attention and traction in this attention deficit economy.



An author, avid reader (reads over 50 business books a year), founding partner of Concepts Researched (which is a think tank on personal / professional management case studies & exploring futuristic trends) helps him to acquire data and industry insights for training & development


Irrespective of the group size, Paul keeps his delegates involved through a series of tools, exercises and activities. His talks are interactive, fast-moving and entertaining


At the end of the session, delegates will carry forward practical tools & techniques that can be applied life and work


Presentations are not heavy on text or bullet points; instead Paul incorporates interesting & relevant videos, photographs, visual transitions and relevant props for exercises


Paul deals with diverse topics on management concepts or human potential development, which can fit into a client’s conference agenda


Paul delivers customized keynotes based on the clients learning goals and his primary focus is in crafting his speech to fit the needs and aspirations of the event


As an entrepreneur, coach and consultant Paul brings in fresh, compelling reasons and practical insights from an external perspective to solve your challenges or meet specific goals


Paul maintains high energy all through the speech, which in turn adds energy to the group; making delegates realize ‘what drives them’ and case studies to instill faith makes his session very effective. He ‘takes passion seriously’ as put across by Charles Eames.


Paul is passionate about Human Potential Development and he is committed to helping people make better versions of themselves.


Delivery style is story telling, which could be fictional, experiences or case studies, relevant to the concepts presented