• How easy or difficult is to motivate someone and where does that inspiration come from?

Motivation is the motive behind every action. It’s the big ‘why’ behind what we do. When purpose is defined and understood, we get motivated as individuals and teams.

I learned about self motivation in the hard way. I was a self critic in my early years of growing up and it killed my enthusiasm to do almost everything. It’s when I started paying attention to my voice in the head, that I realised change happens when you train your mind from the voice of a critic to the voice of coach. I found my inspiration by improving the quality of my thoughts. Self help books and motivational advice from others gave more validation to this exercise. Once I trained my mind to focus on the positives, life in itself became an inspiration, then gradually that inspiration began to rub on to others. Inspiration is a powerful force of energy that can transform people to take action. When you are in your best self, you can transfer immense energy and enthusiasm to others.As a motivational speaker and presenter, how difficult is to fight with your own demons (could be mental and physical) while inspiring others on how to do so? How do you handle your own low points in life?

In good times we party and in bad times we ponder. We think, reconstruct, rejuanate and reinvent ourself in bad times. Problems an dcha llenges are essential for stretching and growing. I have my own personal mantra for life. Take success to your heart and failures to your head. And never do it vice versa.

  • You also talk a lot about work-life balance. However, no matter how hard we try, this is an almost impossible feat to accomplish. How do you manage that?

Work and life can’t be balanced but they can be well integrated. We can’t take this ‘either this or that’ approach, because we need them both. Life can be managed by setting priorities. That’s how we separate the majors from the minors. By elimainating distractions in life, we can find more surplus time and thus avoiding the hassles of the balancing act.

  • Tell is something about your books ‘High Performance Leadership’, ‘Make your brand roar’ and ‘Mastery in negotiation Tactics’. Your audio book “Law of attraction” has sold more than 1,00,000 copies

‘High performance leadership’ is a book about adapting certain leadership behavioirs and thus helping managers to become effective leaders when a situation demands a particular leadership style. Its different strokes for differenet folks and the book emphasise on different leadership styles based on human psychology.

‘Make your brand roar’ is a book tat takes a laymans approach to brand building. The objective of writing the book is to help small businesses build their brands from the ground up.

‘Mastery in negotiation tactics’ was created out of a need to impart negotiation skills and give its students a professional angle to handling negotiations whether its in life or business.

‘The law of attraction’ was released at a time when the movie and the book titled ‘The secret ‘was getting popular across the world. People needed more clarity on the concept of the law of attraction on how our thoughts affect our destiny and how to manifest what we want in life. It was an instant hit and subsequently I wrote more works on similar lines.

  • You have also created a coaching kit titled ‘TheInner Game of Success’. Pls tell us something about it.. 

The inner game of success is first its kind audio coaching program in India. The life coaching audio has ten CDs and its accompanied by a work book, more like someone is coaching you on life skills and goal setting personally.

  • No matter what constitutes success, everyone desires to have it — it could be in terms of name and fame, money or power. How do you view success?

For me success is about making progress everyday. Its an on going flow of an upward spiral, of making life better, meaningful and happier by serving others in need.

  • We all believe that everyone has a purpose in life. What is yours?

My purpose is to spread the knowledge and wisdom by removing the clutter around it by giving clarity and simplicity to any idea that’s worthwhile. My life  has been a quest to learn new things and apply them effectively and in the process I help others by shorterning their learning curve.

  • Keeping the fact that you are a motivational speaker apart, how spiritually inclined are you?

We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience. My spiritual philosophy is to begin with ‘Knowing Self’ and to progress towards ‘No Self’. By knowing ourselves at a deeper level we can experience the interconnectedness that we have in this web of life. By practicing compassion, we can learn empathy, overcome ego boundaries and feel life both in its micro and macro level. 

  • What gives you solace/happiness?

Gratitude, Sharing and Creativity makes me happy. I make sure that I will intentionally be in one of these state most of the time. 

  • How do you connect with youngsters who might be finding it difficult to come to terms with life?

We all get what we deserve and therefore maturity is about taking 100% responsibility for our life. Knowing the fact that our thoughts, decisions and our peer group has tremendous power over our life is a revelation that will help us come into terms with life. When we are raging with hormones we can always blame others but we we assume full responsibility for our life something magical happens.

  • Your advice is practical and hands-on. Is it a conscious attempt to preach something that you would do yourself as well?

I have developed life skills by going through a lot of struggles and pain in life. I know both the worlds of success and failure because I have encountered them hundreds of times. Over a course of time, you learn what works and what won’t. This gives you the power to be practical, wise and consistently evolve and reinvent yourself from time to time. I can speak of those things that I can validate with life experience.

  • Finally, what’s your mantra for a happy life? 

Happiness is our natural state of being. When you feel greatful, you are happy. When you are compalining about what’s missing in life; you are frustrated. The right balance is to be slightly hungrier than happier. Because when you too happy you tend to be complacent and when you are too hungry you are always frustrated.

  • Please mention a few of your favourite/motivational quotes here:

Take success to your heart and failure to your head

You need to work hard to rise up but work double hard to stay there

You need to take the screaming of your coach to take you to the cheering of your fans

Well, all these are my quotes. Something I live by, as fundas for life.