Personal Branding Workshop

Date: 13th April, 2019

Venue: Ritz Carlton, Bangalore

Timings: 10AM-06 PM

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How people perceive you or say about you matters to your reputation and reputation is the modern day currency.  Most people offer similar products, skills or services as you do, but some people just stand out in their business or industry. Chances are, intentionally or accidently, they have created their own unique personal brand.

If you don’t build your personal brand, then you will be invisible to your customers, employers and potential followers. Building your personal brand can help you get more deals, widen your network, and gain stronger influence in this noisy marketplace. Your personal branding helps your reputation to precede you.

Building your personal brand can help you:
  • Go from being a mere expert to becoming an authority in your field
  • Go from a social media user to a social media influencer
  • Increase your trust quotient and credibility in the marketplace
  • Advance your career, gain followers and build unparallel reputation
  • More job/ business/investor deal offerings
  • Increase your professional income in any field

In this one-day workshop, Paul Robinson: India’s leading motivational speaker and author of the book MAKE YOUR BRAND ROAR, will help you identify your unique value offering and help you with the process to build your personal brand. Even though personal branding isn’t the idea of selling yourself, you will learn to attract opportunities that will correspond with your profile and interests.

The learning module: what will be covered during the session

Module 1: Personal Branding Fundamentals

  • Understanding brand psychology, brand building and different dynamics to building a brand
  • Personal branding examples: Real life case studies of Personal Branding successes and failures
  • Learn how brand perceptions are shaped and brands are made and unmade
  • Key steps to building a brand

Module 2: Brand Discovery

  • Your brand audit (Evaluate your current brand reach and impact)
  • Define your brand goals
  • Discover your authentic self through a series of self-exploration tools (vision, mission, values etc.)
  • Building a Professional Image
  • Positioning yourself and learn branding keywords for your relevant brand personality
  • Explore your promise of value
  • Developing Subject Matter Expertise and Thought Leadership
  • Gain clarity on three components to personal branding- Authority, Online identity and Personal Style

Module 3: Promoting yourself:

  • Growing your network and expanding your Social Clout
  • Becoming an influencer both in the online and offline world
  • Brand communication tips and strategies
  • Learn the best of inbound marketing practices

Module 4: Growing Your Executive Presence:

  • The art of influencing people
  • Speak like a pro: Tips on presenting with confidence and authority
  • Developing your Networking skills
  • Concluding tips, Q&A and interaction

Who should attend this workshop:

  • Corporate Trainers, Consultants, Coaches, Aspiring speakers
  • CXOs, Business Owners, Founders of Start Ups, Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs
  • Working Professionals who seeks better career growth or change in profile.
  • Freelance professionals with any marketable skills


  • If you are an entrepreneur or a start up; you will learn to win more deals and attract more clients, talent or investors
  • If you are a freelancer or a skilled professional; you will learn to stand out in your domain or niche expertise
  • If you are a trainer, coach, author or speaker; you will learn to command higher fees and get more gigs 
  • If you are looking to advance your job prospects, you will learn to build a powerful resume that can attract a dream career
  • If you are an influencer or a community leader; you will learn to advance your brand image and reputation among your followers
  • If you are a CXO in an organisation;  you will learn to become a powerful influencer, thought leader and presenter

Your investment: Rs. 9,440 including GST.

The Fee includes your Participation and Taxes, Course Materials, Lunch and Snacks.

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