In addition to motivational sessions, Paul also provides highly focused performance enhancing and skill-based training to small and large corporate groups on leadership, change, creativity, innovation, sales, branding and marketing. Our training methodology is intense learning, interactions through discussions & mind storming, exercising simple tools for effective changes and fun with activities relevant to learning goals. Training people over 2 decades from different verticals and cross functions make Paul an authority to transform any challenges to your advantage with ease.



Our virtual training is a reliable training solution that allows you to quickly deploy a web-based, scalable, fully track-able learning program.

SCALABLE – train your team department or the entire company virtually

AFFORDABLE – can work on any budget; big savings on logistics and offsite expenses

EFFECTIVE – can be engaging and interactive

CUSTOMIZATION – specific training module can be curated for specific requirements

All sessions are dynamic – We conduct webinars, video conferencing, & online training programs customized as per your requirement and learning goals.

Webinars are usually for a small group of people placed in single or multiple locations.

Video conferencing is usually conducted for a large group of people, placed in single or multiple locations

Online coaching is an intense and result oriented one-on-one coaching, focusing on the individual goals. Only after a thorough scrutinizing we consider candidates as we take limited numbers

Online training programs – are multiple sessions that are dynamic and interactive with various learning tools and follow-ups

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Online programs are considered when your organization has:
Budget constraint but still want to train your people
When the delegates are located in multiple regions, but they need to be trained an a common topic
When delegates have restricted time for commuting and hence prefer to do it at the convenience of their working space or home or even while travelling

We can organize the online sessions either on our technology partner platforms like WEbex, Gotomeeting, Gotowebinar, where we share the technical or system requirement to participate.

If the client has the facility to conduct it on their technology platform we can also go with it.

We work with the best of technology partners for an uninterrupted flow of session, interactive participation and clear view / switch between the presenter and presentation.

Just like your regular learning sessions, online session can be done on any topic.

As mentioned earlier, it will be designed and deployed after a detailed discussion between Paul and the client.

  • It could be anything on related:
  • Developing or improving competencies
  • Leadership development or coaching
  • Any skill or behavioral change or development related to Organizational execution or growth
  • Upgrading skill sets during change of profile

Paul as your Virtual Presenter

A great presenter can elevate a topic and drive better results. Webinars can be a tricky medium. Due to limited audience feedback a speaker needs to keep their energy up and know how to effectively pace their talk while being at ease with technology.

Paul’s presentation for a webinar is different from his regular sessions. He emphasizes on:

  • Visually engaging presentation by incorporating videos, bold imagery and slides in story telling format
  • Engaging audience to share ideas on chat window and questions at the end of the session
  • Energetic – ease with technology, experience and voice inflection conveys enthusiasm in his voice
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Deliver to the expectations of the learner
  • Speak the language of your audience by understanding their background


Skill Building Sessions

Skill based sessions are designed to fit your team’s competency requirement

The session is tailored-made based on the delegate’s profile, roles & responsibilities and learning goals.

Skill building can be either conducted as a workshop or an intense training with a flexible training duration based on clients needs.

Paul’s expertise & experience in diverse fields gives him a vantage point to train people on different competencies like sales & marketing, creativity & innovation, customer service, negotiation, leadership and interpersonal effectiveness.

Unlike conventional teaching methods, the session is programmed with practical tools, learning exercises & activities, to make it impactful and actionable.

Strategy Sessions

The need for these sessions is mostly circumstantial. If you are looking forward to –

  • Incorporate new skill sets
  • Create perfect harmony between cross-functional teams
  • Work in collaboration
  • Bridge the gap between veterans & rookies to work in harmony
  • Align the organizational values & vision with your employees
  • Bring fresh third party insights to your learning

Then strategy session is what you are looking for.

Discussions to understand the scenario are the basis on which the session is constructed; here again the emphasis is on the clients needs.

Strategy sessions are practical in approach with experiential learning. Customized workbooks provided for each session, will act as learning aid.

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