How we work?


First, we listen and understand the unique challenges your team or organization is facing so we can develop the best solution for your needs.​ To understand your meeting goals there will be a client call after you confirm Paul as your speaker.


We provide a detailed plan, customized to your business needs. In-depth assessments allow us to offer a carefully designed approach to your organization’s development.​Messages are crafted according to your requirement. We will provide you a short session construct.


Each talk is customised to your needs. Paul keynotes are power packed, interactive, and actionable. There will be tools provided to turn inspirational messages into action. Our commitment is not only to deliver, but to continue to evaluate our effectiveness by your organizational growth.​ For longer sessions, more than two hours there will be work book provided for each participant.

Standard Keynotes Include:

A pre-engagement Call
30-90 minute live session
An unlimited number of seats
An optional Q&A at the end

When to engage Paul


You can engage Paul for strategic off site leadership meets and Paul can bring in an external perspectives to your big picture topics or themes and can help the team to get aligned to the strategic vision and goals.


Get everyone on the team on the same page, as Paul can reinforce the key messages of your meeting theme to take the organisation forward.


Plan your Annual kick-Off sessions to create clarity and focus on performance goals. Instil confidence in your people with a reassuring message-Together Everyone Achieve Miracles


Clarify vision and purpose among your business associates and let them buy into your dreams of what your organization is aspiring to be.


Prepare your team to soar higher with Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs) and instil in them the confidence and skills to navigate amidst unfamiliar territories


Paul is part of several national and international summits and speaks on different topics. His thought leadership includes: ‘staying relevant, disruption, change, leadership, innovation, scaling up, culture, collaboration, branding, resilience and mindfulness.


Plan a learning event to build solid skills for your team. Paul’s intensive workshops are crafted to make real changes in the participants. Paul’s workshops equip you to develop your leaders, improve employee retention, and deliver stronger performance to your bottom line.