Paul as an author

Paul believes that by sharing knowledge one can amplify more knowledge. Hence his journey as an author began when he identified what really changed his life and decided to share these time-tested strategies and nuggets of wisdom with others. He chose to write books and as the technology evolved, his work is available in various mediums like blogs, audio books, podcasts, videos, learning courses and documentaries. His personal journey and working with clients coupled with intense research paved way in this endeavor.

paul robinson books on leadership

High performance leadership

This book is about the behavioral psychology of leadership. Paul argues that leadership is not about who you are; it’s about what you do.

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Make your brand roar

Branding is the ultimate differentiation tool and there is more to branding than we conventionally know about it.

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The psychology of a winner

There are mediocre people and champions. There are ordinary people and extra ordinary individuals. What’s’ the differences?

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Upcoming book: The deviants

This is a book about developing your creativity, overcoming the mental blocks and unleashing a thinking that will lead to innovation and success.

Life coaching program

‘The Inner Game of Success’ a ten day personal growth program for people who want more from life. This is like an upgraded software for your mind to deliver lasting, powerful results to completely transform the quality of your life, now and forever in every arena of your life-mental, emotional & physical health, finances and wealth, relationship and people associations, career/business and to live a purposeful life. The step-by-step strategies and practical tools narrated in this program will help you to work on all areas of your life.
It is a comprehensive program filled with exercises to inspire you and to help you take action. By using the strategies, you will be well equipped to confidently face and conquer any challenge placed in your path. Narrated in a workshop format, this inspirational life coaching audio will ultimately help you shift your mindset, not just your actions, so that you can streamline your efforts and forge ahead in life.

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The inner game of success

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