Paul is a frequently invited speaker for summits and conferences. His speaking style is a unique blend of content, inspiration and humour, delivered in a down-to-earth manner that is relaxed, friendly and always engaging.

Dealer’s Meet

  • All kind of Dealers Meet in Manufacturing units, FMCGs, finance & banking, Public sectors, Information Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Mobile & Telecom and Automobile are some of industries covered.
  • Employee motivation, better customer experience, sales, innovation, partnering for success are some of the areas covered.
  • Paul has worked with various industries and organizations on different verticals, which helps him to provide a multi dimensional approach for better affiliation and growth.

Summits, conferences, business meets for millennial and influencers

  • Having worked closely with various youth oriented communities, educational institutions and youth development programs, Paul has filled the gap to understand the millennial mindset. Encouraging internships for students in our organization has been a practice to always bring in new enthusiasm in the workplace. By mentoring new ideas and young entrepreneurs he knows how the youth work and operate.
  • Developing programs to remain connected with the current generation has always been one of our criteria. By adapting to changing technologies and trends, new and improved communication platforms, we not only know how to sell to millennial but also have understood how to work with them.

Some of the popular topics covered:

  • Brand building through story telling
  • Understanding changing expectations of customers
  • Importance of story telling
  • Personal branding
  • How to overcome criticism and cyber-bullying
  • Connecting with the Millennial


  • Launch events are tricky and misunderstood. Gone is the era where a brand could draw customers attention by associating a celebrity with it. In the current times, real time reviews, customer’s experience matter over product advertisement, description & claims. Similarly, customers connect with the person who is also representing or talking about it.
  • A professional speaker is also an Influencer who can help your brand to set a stage with its launch. Likewise, the team imparting this message to the end user also plays a key role. Creating mind share, bringing in a brand connect and develop stories for acceptance among people is the key objective of a speaker. Paul is also the author of the book ‘Make your brand roar’, that gives him an expertise on the psychology of branding.

CXO Summits / Leadership Meets / Industry Conclaves

  • Summits usually have diverse cultural people. It could be cross-functional with industry specific or vice versa. Choosing the right speaker for your summit lays the foundation for the success of your event. A conference speaker is like illuminator who can help reflect and radiate specific fragments of information in a cluttered source.
  • Paul has a proven track record and knack for engaging large audiences and can tailor fit his content to fit with the theme and purpose of your event. By inspiring audience through case studies, providing insights through story telling and adding humor to the message, he can hold the whole event together. His message is a blend of inspiration and actionable suggestions drawn from experience, research and learning.

Sales Meet

  • When an organization is having a offsite or onsite Sales meet to review or create a sales plan, an external perspective plays a vital role to understand the challenges and push people to achieve more. Having an expert to motivate a team or bring in strategies and tools for productivity and peak performance has always made a big difference to organizations.
  • Paul can help raise the level of enthusiasm and set the tone for the sales team or delegates. He can reinforce the faith in the bridging team to help convey the product / brand story to the end user as a value creator and contributor and not just as another brand who is here to leech out of the customers wallet. He understands the driving factor of each individual or team as he has the experience of running a full fledge sales and marketing with branches across the country.