How to develop a great work culture?

Organizations are perfectly designed  (or at least it is believed to be) to get the results they want. Whether good or bad, the results those organizations deliver is in direct proportion to the capability of what they can deliver to their customers or users.

For example, an organization which has to deliver exceptional customer service may have staff whose behaviors may not match to the need and thus, organizations suffer from a dysfunctional environment.

Creating the right work environment is a deliberate task. It does not happen by accident. You need to revise people’s beliefs and attitudes that best suits the behavior, which is congenial for running a successful organization

There are few things you can do to create a great work place where people are motivated to adhere to company’s vision. It all begins with treating your employees well. If you treat your employees well, then they will treat your customers well.

Your employees are not numbers; they are the members of your organisation. 

I have observed that CGI has a culture of treating their employees as members. When you give respect and value others, they can freely express themselves and thus a trusted environment can be created. When sufficient autonomy is given to your employees, as an outcome you can see accountability in their actions and behaviors.

Accountability is the ability to take ownership of results both individually and collectively. 

Therefore empowering people is an act of giving power or giving autonomy to people, so they can make decisions and take actions without being told or micromanaged.

Thirdly a great workplace will always recognize and reward people for their exceptional work.  

There is nothing as energizing as being appreciated and recognized for something good you have done. One of the primary human needs is the need for significance and that need is met in a workplace when their work is acknowledged. The new mantra should be ‘acknowledge good work but reward great work’.

A great workplace is like an ongoing learning & development unit. 

If we develop the habit of learning something new, we expand our horizons and thus break our comfort zone. Learning new skills, keeps employees motivated to remain relevant.   Moreover, employees are in search of new ways to learn, improve their skills and invest in themselves. Companies that provide a  ‘coaching environment’ give people an opportunity to grow as competent professionals. In a learning environment, information will flow freely and there will be open communication that goes back and forth between employees. In a learning environment people development becomes a key priority and emphasis is on proactive actions. When failures are encouraged, people operate from a success mindset instead of a fearful one; thus the possibilities of failure are less in comparison to successful outcomes. Learning from failures becomes a constant relearn and unlearn process.

Great workplace will have great teamwork and camaraderie. 

Leaders focus on team’s success rather than individual competition. Employees in this kind of workplace, operate like a champion as individual’s and as a team, the success is always a collective effort. In these kind of environment, responsibilities and compliments are shared. A great team has a trusted environment where people can be themselves, they are aligned by a single vision and they collaborate with each other to bring out the best in each other. Adding value in everything they do is their ulterior motive.

Finally a great workplace will have a great work culture backed by an unbeatable leadership team. 

It will begin with an ambience apt for a productive atmosphere.  The intangible element of the culture is the attitude, which is the vibe in the workplace. A great work culture makes the environment healthy for everyone in the team to thrive and excel. It makes work meaningful and fun. It makes your company so unique and for this uniqueness alone, people will choose to work in your company.