Looking to take your team even deeper? Go further than a keynote with Paul Robinson’s intensive half day/full day Workshops. Here your team will deepen their focus, develop new levels of collaborations, and directly improve all aspects of performance through taking personal ownership as a leader at every level.

Management Workshops


Are you ready to level up your leadership skills?

We believe everyone has the potential to become a powerful leader. That’s why we’ve created a program to help you gain the confidence and know-how to make a difference. Paul Robinson’s High performance Leadership workshop will help you discover your true potential and unleash your leadership style. The leadership workshops is equipped to develop your leaders, improve employee retention, and deliver stronger performance to your bottom line. In a workshop format unlike any other training of its kind, these in-depth, dynamic, and exciting programs will leave everyone on your team with a clear vision for their future and a literal map of their life goals. Come on, it’s time to reach for your goals and make an impact.


Become mindful and not mind full

Develop mindfulness with Paul Robinson’s proven techniques for understanding yourself, others, and situations better. Improve focus, mental clarity and resilience with Paul’s unique approach to mindful living. Achieve greater focus and clarity as you develop an understanding of your inner self and deepen your inner awareness.


Is your workplace culture working for you?

It's time to take back control and create a workplace environment where everyone feels valued and empowered. Paul Robinson is here to help you build a winning culture where ideas thrive and everyone can find success! Learn to develop a distinctive work culture from your core values. Get everyone on the same page and you’re guaranteed to develop an amazing work environment that motivates employees, boosts morale, and makes your business stand out from the rest.


Do you believe in one team, one goal?

A successful team is an unbeatable force! Paul Robinson is passionate about helping your team members build trusting relationships that will lead to the success of your organization. Discover how to create a positive, collaborative environment with our tried-and-true team building strategies.

Sales Workshops


Want to increase profits?

Paul Robinson's sales training sell like a pro, can help you do just that! His techniques are proven to drive sales and increase conversions, giving your business the edge it needs in today's competitive market. From mastering customer relationships to multiplying your leads, we have the strategies and tips to help you sell like a pro. Unlock your potential and join us as we explore the world of sales and all its possibilities. Don’t wait any longer - start selling like a professional today!


Ready to get better at negotiation?

Attention all ambitious negotiators: Discover our guide to negotiation success, crafted from decades of collective experience. Arm yourself with key strategies, tips and tricks to confidently come out on top in any scenario. And don’t forget the golden rule: never shy away from negotiating more than you get! Start honing your skills today with Paul Robinson’s Negotiate like a pro. Take control of the situation and get the results you want!


Are you looking to create a seamless customer experience?

Training your teams on customer experience is the key to increasing greater customer delight. That's why we are offering cutting-edge customer experience training for businesses to get their staff up to speed with the latest industry best practices. We believe that investing in customer experience can make all the difference to your organisations sustained competitive advantage. Put your team through our comprehensive customer experience training program today and get ready to be blown away with the results!


Attention all marketers, salespeople, and branding professionals!

Put an end to your struggle with telling stories that capture the attention of your audience – in this workshop I'm going to show you how to master the art of story-telling. Learn how to hone your skills and make an impactful impression with well-crafted stories that will take your marketing, sales and branding efforts to the next level. Become a master storyteller and craft compelling narratives that will help drive sales, increase engagement, and build relationships.