Top ranked leadership keynote speaker, best selling author, and business strategist.

Unleash human potential. Deliver extra ordinary results.

People are capable of incredible things!!

When you give your team, leaders, and employees the right insights and tools for change; they get to transform their mindset and skill sets.

You can empower your people and nurture them to bring out their best in trusted team environments.

Based on my 20 years of research and learning in the field of leadership, team work, human potential development, and workplace productivity; I am committed to developing leaders in business and life. Contact me to deliver engaging sessions virtually and in person to help your organisation to develop the leaders for tomorrow.

Smart people don’t want to be led. they just want to be inspired.

-Paul Robinson


Paul is a serial entrepreneur who started off at the age of 21 building multiple businesses and transforming himself into a motivational speaker, and author of multiple books and audio books in the field of human potential development, psychology and business. He is an avid reader, researcher, and a successful coach and mentor to many business leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. He has been a professional speaker for 14 years and spoken at more than 1000+ podiums, serving over 300+ global clients in 14 countries.


Paul is a street smart trained salesman and a motivator to his team who sold everything from consumer products, services, concepts and businesses. He is a consultant to 100 plus mid and large sector organisations on people development, L&D, sales & marketing, OD, and leadership effectiveness.

Paul has spoken in more than 30 global summits and conferences as a keynote speaker on the subject of leadership, productivity, culture, collaboration, innovation, change and management. He is popular for creating innovative learning tools like documentaries on multiple subjects.

Memorable Keynote

Paul has over twenty-five years of practical experience of working with diverse teams. He understands the dysfunctions of a team and the challenges people face in today’s changing workplaces. Before engaging with your team, Paul will work with your leadership team to uncover the causes of the lacklustre performance or lack of motivation and will then design a motivational process to address these issues. Just an inspirational talk won’t do the magic. Paul will provide you and your team a number of practical tools and techniques, which you can immediately apply in your life or business, to dramatically increase your team’s level of inspiration, performance and productivity.


Unlike sticking to set of topics or ready made slides, we design our program completely based on your challenges and goals. The speaker brings in a third party perspective and industry insights, which will help you to approach your challenges differently and meet your goals objectively.

The keynote will not be monologue.Instead it will be engaging with the audience through short activities, exercises and fun games. Some of the sessions will be conducted as a mini workshop with the help of a work book. As a meeting planner, you can design our engagement with you through a client call.

Some of Paul’s recurring clients.

Some of Paul Robinson’s recurring clients

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