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Paul is widely regarded as a go-to source on leadership, sales, innovation, change management, collaboration and productivity. His journey to excellence has been fueled with an unrelenting passion for empowering people and leveraging the unique lessons from his life’s challenges. Today, he works with organizations worldwide to guide their teams through the high-stress, constant change and fast paced environment. He cultivates perspectives by showing leaders and their teams how to approach, tackle and solve their business challenges.

Paul Robinson is also a Serial Entrepreneur, Prolific Author, Business Strategist, and one of the Leading Motivational Speakers in India.  


Trusted by 350+ clients



  • Conducted over 60+ team-building sessions for cross-functional and culturally diverse teams
  • One of the most popular and repeated topic is “Zero Gravity- a customised strategic interventions for organisation’s to create a unified vision amidst diverse opinions
  • Author of the book "High-Performance Teams"
  • Creator of the online course on ‘How to build a high-performance team?’
  • Popular Topics: One Team One Goal, Conflict Resolution, Interpersonal Effectiveness, High Performance Teams and Aligning Vectors


  • Addressed over 20+ Keynotes and workshops on Mindfulness, Stress Management and Work Life balance
  • Created 6 customized programs for organization’s internal L&D on Mindfulness (related to leadership and productivity)
  • Featured in the documentary film "Mindfulness"
  • Author of audio books on “Overcoming Worry Habits” and “Overcoming Depression”
  • Co-creator of documentary films “Lessons in Forgiveness” and “Surviving the big D”
  • Popular Topics: Mindfulness-Living the moment, De-clutter Your Mind, Mindful Leadership, Mindfulness at Work, The Art of Winnowing- Separating the wheat from the Chaff, and Enhancing Productivity Through Mindfulness

Creativity & Innovation

  • Addressed 8 Keynotes and workshops on Creativity and Innovation
  • Author of the book "An Unorthodox Mind”
  • Creator of an online training program on Innovation
  • Popular Topics: Creativity and Innovation, Leading innovation, Building a culture for Innovation

Smart Collaboration

  • Addressed over 110+ Keynotes and workshops on collaboration helping organizations to break the silo work culture
  • Conducted over 60+ online training sessions during the pandemic to overcome the challenges of remote work
  • Created customised training programs for over 30+ organisations to create collaborative workforce across various regions, and verticals
  • Consulted over 20+ MSMEs to create collaborative teams for excellence and unified vision
  • Author of the book “High Performance Teams”
  • Popular topics: Smart Collaboration, One Team One Goal, Never Fly Solo

Change Management

  • Trained over 70+ organizations on Change Management
  • Author of the book "Resilience: Spring back to life" addressing adaptability and change
  • Creator of “Project Resilience” aimed at helping individuals and organisations to be more resilient by being more flexible and adaptable to change
  • Popular topics: Leading Change, It's Now or Never, Change Management


  • Started career with owning and leading a sales organization
  • Was Editor-in-Chief of ‘Sales and Marketing’ magazine
  • Author of “Mastery In Negotiation Tactics” and creator of the course “Negotiate Like a Pro”
  • Trained over 10,000+ sales professionals globally
  • Keynote speaker and Sales Trainer to over 70+ organizations which includes FMCGs, Insurance, IT, Automobile and Pharmaceuticals, on the subject of Sales, Marketing, Branding, Customer Experience and Customer Service
  • Popular topics: Sell Like a Pro, Customer Experience, Storytelling in Sales, Negotiation Skills, Brand Impact

Strategic Intervention

  • Business strategist and facilitator for over 80+ corporate workshops and interventions
  • Facilitated workshops on Cultural Integration, Organizational Health and Performance, OKR, Scaling Up, Execution Discipline, Change Management, Quality Management, Crisis Management, and Emotional Intelligenc
  • Strategy consulting provided to 1000+ entrepreneurs and MSMEs and organisations of various sizes on Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Leadership, Organizational Development, Systemisation and Execution.
  • Popular Topics: Good to Great, Culture of Excellence, Work-life Harmony, Strategic Thinking, Execution Discipline, Managing Complexity, Productivity and Performance

Motivational Sessions

  • Delivered 200+ motivational talks
  • Creator of over 42 self-help inspirational documentaries
  • Author of books and audio books like: “The Psychology of a Winner, And Your Life Starts Now, The Book That Made Me Wiser, Resilience, and Inner Game of Success”
  • Popular Topics: Raising the Bar, It's Now or Never, Bolder Together, The Psychology of a Winner, Maximizing Potential


  • Keynote speaker in over 20+ Leadership summits and conferences
  • Trained over 6000+ executives on various leadership competencies through 50+ company offsites and inhouse training
  • Trained and coached over 1000+ business Leaders, C level executives, and political leaders, for the last 12+ years
  • Author of the book “High Performance Leadership” and creator of 12 leadership courses and High Performance Leadership documentary.
  • Customised over 40+ leadership development programs for various organisation’s internal L&D.
  • Popular topics covered: Inspirational Leadership, High Performance Leadership, Leading Teams, Servant Leadership, Think like Owner and Act like a Leader, Personal Leadership, and Emotionally Intelligent Leader


And here’s where we delve into the global spectrum of events, roles & industries where Paul has provided training and guidance




CXO summits / Business summits

Dealer’s meet

Product launches

Annual review meeting

Leadership meet

Sales meet

Team building

Virtual meets

Strategic Intervention

Inhouse events – Skill building & Networking Seminars & Workshops

Leadership Team / CXOs

Board of directors

CGMs / GMs / Managers

Team leaders / Project Managers

Dealers / Vendors

HR / Finance/ Procurement/ Production / Operations / R & D

Support functions – Admin / Customer support / IT / QA

Sales / Marketing / Branding

Regulatory affairs

Cross-functional profiles

Healthcare – Pharmaceuticals / Hospitals

Manufacturing – Automobiles / Packaging

Financial Services - Banking / NBFC / Insurance

Service - IT / ITES / Telecommunications / Logistics

Consulting - Consulting / Legal / Accounting / Research organizations

Public sectors - Governance / Educational Institutions

FMCG / Retail

Media & Publishing

Hospitality / Tourism / Real Estate

Startups / Entrepreneurship / Communities (TIE, EO, AIESEC, CII, Rotary)

Client Speaks

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