Paul Robinson


Paul Robinson is a highly regarded keynote speaker and accomplished author of numerous books and audio books. Over the past 15 years, he has delivered speeches to over 500,000 executives from more than 350 companies across the globe. 

His expertise lies in the areas of human potential development, leadership, sales, and innovation. Some of his notable works have even been adapted into inspirational documentary films.
In addition to his successful speaking career, Paul is dedicated to assisting individuals in their personal growth and transformation.

He has personally experienced and overcome clinical depression, and he is devoted to helping others discover their inner strength through self-compassion and self-confidence.


From an introvert to a street smart sales person

Paul had a pretty humble beginning. He was shy, introverted and scared of public speaking. Paul was always a curious kid who loved reading, and he devoured just about every book and classic he could get his hands on. He did really well in school and became a top student at university. Even though he had many options in life, he ended up doing something he really disliked - sales. Surprisingly, this turned out to be a turning point for him. He became really good at using his social skills to persuade, present, negotiate, and lead teams.

An entrepreneur who recognised motivation as a chief catalyst for performance.

Paul already had some experience being an entrepreneur, as he started his first business with a friend while still a student. After gaining some corporate exposure, he decided to start his own Sales and Marketing firm. This is where he realized that attitude and motivation played a huge role in how well a team performed and ultimately how much they sold. He even figured out how motivation affected inventory. Early in his career, he understood that the work environment had a major impact on hiring and retaining talented people. So, he focused a lot on training his employees and creating a fun work culture, even though the idea of work culture wasn't widely recognized in India at the time.

Learning leadership and innovation by doing it.

Paul learned about leadership, teamwork, innovation, and the importance of building skills through his own life experiences. He also improved his knowledge by combining it with his reading and research habits. His success in one business led him to try out new entrepreneurial ideas and ventures. While he faced both successes and failures, he never let anything stop him from exploring the incredible potential of human beings to overcome obstacles. Paul always maintained a disciplined approach and continued learning in various fields. He knew that sharing knowledge would deepen his understanding of the challenges he took on.

Learning never stops and sharing never ends.

As a young man who succeeded in the business world, Paul had the opportunity to share his experiences on different speaking platforms. He even started getting paid for his consultations, and soon other business people sought his advice and guidance. This marked a shift from being a doer to becoming a teacher.

Keynote speaker, coach, consultant

For the past 15 years, Paul has been focused on speaking, training, and leading diverse teams. He has a great passion for being a professional keynote speaker, business strategist, coach, and consultant. He travels all around the world to conduct workshops on management and motivation for big companies, as well as smaller businesses, trade groups, and associations. Paul believes in learning from experiences rather than just labeling them as successes or failures. His exposure to different businesses and interactions with business leaders have given him a wealth of knowledge and insights that can transform individuals and organizations from being good to being great. He strongly believes that challenges and adversities in life are opportunities to develop skills, gain wisdom, and reinvent oneself. He constantly challenges himself to explore new dimensions of human potential and encourages others to discover their own full potential. As he likes to say, "A smooth sea never makes a skillful sailor."

Why hire Paul Robinson as your keynote speaker?

India’s Leading Motivator: Paul speaks with authenticity and motivation is a natural part of his delivery style. His deep knowledge on human potential growth gives him the vantage point to inspire and challenge people to take extra ordinary steps to enhance their lives.

Engaging Session: Paul’s sessions are engaging with audience participation. He has the remarkable ability to hold audience with a combination of required substance for the expected outcome, stories, activities, case studies, humour and concrete practical ideas that gets result faster and lasts longer.

Strong Thought Leadership & Quality Content: Paul is a best selling author to several books and audio learning programs. Some of his bestsellers include his work on peak performance (‘The Psychology of a winner’, The inner game of success, Resilience), leadership (‘High Performance Leadership’) branding (‘Make your Brand Roar’) and Innovation (‘The Creative Deviant’) etc.

Practical Takeaways : Paul does not give theories too much; he believes in delivering actionable items, something that can be put into everyday practical use to make work and life better.