Plan your most memorable offsite conference with Paul


Keynotes sessions are energizing learning sessions with a perfect balance of practical tools, entertainment, impactful and result-oriented. All sessions are customized to drive the desired result with biggest possible impact. Each session is a blend of engaging stories, striking visuals and practical techniques. The talks are crafted to push audiences to take action and solve challenges in fresh and innovative ways. Ideal duration is 45 minutes to 90 minutes

Our Approach

Our approach is based on “What do they want? Why do they want it? How can we help them meet their needs?” Unlike sticking to set of topics, we design our program completely based on the client needs. The speaker brings in a third party perspective and industry insights, which will help you to approach your challenges differently and meet your goals. Our service model is designed to understand and meet the client goals. For this we become one with their team to understand and help the team to co-create the platform required for the execution. All this is prepared through discussions between the speaker and the client.

Paul as a Motivational speaker

Paul was the founder & Chief Editor for a magazine titled ‘Sales and marketing’ and was also was heading a successful Marketing Firm. This is where he understood that attitude and motivation could be measured and it is directly proportionate to the individual or team performance. He used to conduct motivational and skill building meetings, to enhance and amplify the individual and team strengths. He observed that the days when the meeting emphasis was on motivation and change in attitude, the sales numbers were higher than the days when the emphasis was on just skill building. Thus he concluded that team performance could be controlled based on these aspects.



Emphasis on breaking the comfort zone, thinking big, teamwork

Emphasis on overcoming obstacles and challenges

Emphasis on developing a growth mindset for change and transformation

Emphasis on developing a champion’s mindset

Emphasis on teamwork in achieving big goals together

Emphasis on peak performance strategies from sports

Emphasis on developing a sense of urgency

Emphasis on smart collaboration at work

Emphasis on embracing change in the work place

Emphasis on developing an unbeatable confidence to achieve anything

Emphasis on ownership mindset and bias for action

Emphasis on change leadership and change management