A crash course on Innovation

Learn the art of influencing people and moving them to action. Understand different leadership styles and methods from ten insights on leadership.


What is innovation, disruptive innovation, break through innovation, incremental innovation, customer centric innovation, open innovation, innovation tool kit, leading innovation, and building a culture for innovation.


  • Gain clarity about innovation and different innovation methods
  • Learn the practical application of innovation at work
  • Learn to innovate effectively
  • Understand various innovation process
  • Learn to lead a team or a company built for innovation

Duration:  3 hours 53 minutes

Leadership courses

Understand innovation and learn to apply them effectively. Learn different types of innovations and understand its practical implications at work and business. Learn different creative tools and strategies to develop a company that stands for innovation.


Lead with warmth, EQ, integrity, humility, charisma, vision, inspiration, purpose, questions and lead teams effectively.


  • Become an effective leader
  • Learn to inspire people
  • Understand different leadership styles and apply them at work
  • Sharpen your leadership skills
  • Become a person of high influence

Duration: 3 Hours 36 minutes

Negotiate like a pro

This is a professional training program to improve your negotiation skills. This complete negotiation course will introduce you to new strategies for negotiation, different negotiating styles and techniques, and building alternatives for better negotiation outcomes.


What is negotiation, Tips for negotiation, different negotiation styles, principled negotiation, BATNA, three steps to effective negotiations, games people play, master skills of a negotiator


Gain a deep understanding of the negotiation process and learn how to:

  • Effectively communicate your needs and objectives
  • Build rapport and establish trust with your counterparts
  • Identify and leverage power dynamics to your advantage
  • Develop persuasive arguments and compelling proposals
  • Overcome common negotiation pitfalls and obstacles
  • Generate win-win solutions that satisfy all parties involved

Duration: 1 hour 33 minutes

Emotional Intelligence Master Class

Emotional intelligence is a skill that you can develop just like IQ. In this course you will learn about self-awareness and self-regulation, making changes in the way you think, feel and respond, which is managing your emotions and training yourself in different ways to adapt to negative and unpleasant emotions to draw positive experiences out of them.


This master class is based on Dr. Goleman’s four quadrants of EQ. 1. Self Awareness, 2. Self Management, 3. Social Awareness and 4. Relationship Management.


  • Understand the basic concepts of EQ and apply them in life
  • Manage emotions effectively
  • Improve inter personal relations
  • Develop empathetic skills
  • Improve social behaviour and communication
  • Become a better team player
  • Become more assertive

Duration: 3 hours 2 minutes